What to bring?

Passport and Visa

A valid passport is required for entry into Portugal. A visa may be required for some countries. For information about visa and passports contact your local Portuguese Embassy at least 3 months prior to your departure to join us in Lisbon. Letters of invitation are required to meet the administrative and legal regulations for participants from certain countries will be available upon request. To request a letter of invitation for your visa, send an email to socialhri2017@gmail.com.


The local currency is Euros and usually you can use credit card as well. We recommend you to always have small amounts of money with you for the cases in which card is not accepted. Check your currency converter for an estimate here: http://www.xe.com/pt/currencyconverter


Weather is usually hot during the days (25-30º celsius) and fresh during the night (15-20º celsius), so consider light clothes for the day and a coat for the evening. Bring comfortable shoes and light shoes as well. Be equipped with bathing cloths for the swimming pool and sea. Sunglasses are always handy and give you style.


Portugal uses standard European round 2-prong plugs with a voltage of 220V (see photo). Most laptops etc will work fine with 220V, check your power-supply fine print for “100-240V” or some such. There will be wireless access at Duna Parque Beach Club.

For the invited speakers: We will have standard video connection (VGA) and digital (mac) for projection.