How to get to Vila Nova de Milfontes?

Our recommended route to get to Vila Nova de Milfontes

There are three main airports in Portugal: Lisbon, Porto and Faro. The recommended airport to arrive to the Summer School is Lisbon airport.

If you are coming from Lisbon, you can use either the bus or the train to get to Vila Nova de Milfontes. We highly recommend that you take the bus and that you book the ticket in advance as it sells out fast during summer time. Once you arrive to Vila Nova de Milfontes, the bus station is very near to Duna Parque Beach Club where the summer school will be hosted, in contrast to the train station which requires you to take a second transport.

Instructions for taking the bus in Lisbon to Vila Nova de Milfontes

Rede Expressos Bus Line takes you directly from “Lisbon Sete Rios” bus station to “Vila Nova de Milfontes” bus station. The trip lasts approximately 3:30 hours and a two-way trip ticket costs about 30 Euros. Tickets must be purchased before boarding the bus. You may purchase your online ticket (website or mobile app) up to 30 days prior to the day of travel or at site. You need to be at the terminal at least 15 minutes before departure. If you are not sure where the terminal is, we recommend you to be there at least 30 minutes earlier as bus drivers will not wait for you and are very punctual. You are allowed to bring your personal luggage up to 20 kg free of charge. Online tickets may be presented to the coach driver on the screen of your device (tablet or smartphone) or printed. Bring a snack for the trip!

For any other detailed information, please contact our Customer Care of Rede Expressos Bus Line at +351 707 22 33 44 (every day from 8am to 10pm). You may also contact them through

To book the ticket bus with Rede Expressos Bus Line go here:

To get to Rede Expressos Bus Line in Lisbon take the Blue Metro Line and stop at Jardim Zoológico Station.

From Lisbon to Vila Nova Milfontes From Vila Nova Milfontes to Lisbon
3 Sept. departure time 3 Sept. arrival time 8 and 9 Sept. departure time 8 and 9 Sept. arrival time
7:30am 10:05am 08:45am 12:15pm
7:30am 10:50am 09:35am 1:15pm
10:30am 2pm 10:45am 1:15pm
3pm 6:30pm 1:50pm 4:30pm
4pm 6:30pm 5:05pm 8:35pm
5pm 8:30pm 5:05pm 8:35pm
7pm 9:40pm 6pm 8:35pm

If you are coming from Porto, you can also take the Rede Expressos Bus Line to get to Vila Nova de Milfontes. The trip will take approximately 8:30 hours and will cost about 60 Euros (see instructions above for purchasing the ticket bus).

If you are coming from Faro, you need to take the CP Regional Train from Faro to Lagos (trip takes approximately 2:30-3:00 hours and tickets are available here: and then from Lagos to Vila Nova de Milfontes using Rede Expressos Bus Line (see instructions above for purchasing the ticket bus). Consider the scheduling times of both transportations so that your trip goes smoothly.

When you arrive at Vila Nova de Milfontes

You can walk 1.3 km (approximately 15-20 min) to get to Duna Parque Beach Club. It is a very nice walk in the center of the village.

Arrival at Duna Park Beach Club

You can check-in on Sunday 03 September 2017 from 4pm onwards. There you will be given your keys to your cabin and a welcome pack. We will be requesting your estimate time of arrival and a contact phone near the summer school date. The check-out will be on 09 September 2017 until 11am.

Leaving Duna Park Beach Club

The best way out is again taking the Rete Expressos bus. However, if you need an early flight on Saturday, then here is an alternative:

  1. Take a taxi from Duna Parque (Vila NOva Milfontes) to Santa Clara-Sabóia Train Station. Duration 1h, cost ~40€, needs to be booked in advance (contact Patrícia to book it: +351966233104).
  2. Train from Santa Clara-Sabóia to Lisbon Oriente (very important to leave the train in Lisbon ORIENTE station, which is the closest to the airport). Train leaves at 7:59am, arrives in Lisboa Oriente at 10:05am, tickets from 15-25€. The next train is at 9:28am and arrives in Lisbon at 11:64am.
    Instructions to buy tickets: buy tickets online at Fill in the fields as follows: from “Santa Clara-Saboia” to “Lisboa Oriente”, make sure the date is correct (9/9) and click “submit”. Fill in the remaining fields. CP Trains accepts tickets shown on a smartphone.
  3. Take a taxi from Lisboa Oriente to Lisbon Airport ~2.3km, 10min or less.


Duna Parque Beach Club
Tv da Eira da Pedra 7645-291
Vila Nova de Milfontes


Contact the Duna Parque emergency number on +351 283 990 072 (24h), or send them an email to